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Reba: Season 1 Bloopers (2001/2002)

Reba: Pilot (Aired - October 5th, 2001)

“Court Mandated Therapy? The family that sold their kids at the flea market didn’t get Court Mandated Therapy!”

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Reba bloopers from s5/ep19 (first 5 seasons)

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Does he love you?

Title: Pray For Peace
Artist: Reba ft. Kelly Clarkson
Played: 501 times

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CMT Crossroads (2007)

I had told Mama, goin’ over to the dance hall, I said, ”I’m gon’ encourage everybody to go to church tomorrow. Since I’m gon’ get baptized and everything, I think everybody needs to go to church.

Mama sat there for a little bit and said, "What makes you think they’re not already going to church every Sunday?"

She said, “You don’t know what they do every day. They might go to work, they might go every day, every time the door’s open there, they might be going to church. You don’t know.”

That was my first big lesson on passing judgement.

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Reba pranked on ‘Funny Business’ in 1992